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The PERFECT Personalized Gift - Personalized Cartoons – Unique Gifts

Unique personalized gifts including the cartoon personalized mouse pad, wall mounted 8 X 10 or 11 X 14 matted print,

snow globe, refrigerator magnet or key chain. Original personalized cartoons for wedding, anniversary, corporate business,

co-worker, kid, school teacher, office gift, Valentine's Day. Template-based custom cartoon gift maker.

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11 X 14 Matted Cartoon Print

11" x 14" Color Matted Prints

Bigger than an 8" x 10" print (for only $2.00 more), an 11" x 14" print is perfect for mounting on the wall or on a mantle. It will fit nicely on top of a bookshelf or on a table in the living room.

In its colored mat, this print will fit into any standard 11" x 14" frame. Why can't a personalized cartoon look glamorous as well as fun?

8 X 10 Matted Cartoon Print

8" x 10" Color Matted Prints

An 8" x 10" personalized cartoon print will fit nicely on top of a bookshelf, a table, or on an office wall.

It's a great gift idea to capture the hobby or occupation of a professional person. Don't forget the sports enthusiast either. With over 500 personalized cartoon images, you are sure to find one that will do the trick!


Personalized Cartoon Mouse Pad

Mouse Pads

Y'know, any home or office you go into these days has a computer...

What better way to accent a computer than with a personalized cartoon mouse pad from Kustom Kartoons? These mouse pads are sturdy and much better quality than you will find at any retail store. Our mouse pads are built to last, and will be kept far longer than a plain old store-bought mouse pad because they are personalized for that special someone. Every time they use their computer, they'll think of you.

Mouse pads are 9" x 7", and are 1/4 inch thick. For those optical mice users out there who think they don't need a mouse pad, you might want to think again. I've tried an optical mouse without a mouse pad and to me, it was like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. Also, an optical mouse puts very fine scratches on the surface of most materials.


Personalized Cartoon Snow Globe

Snow Globes

Great for collectors, these personalized cartoon snow globes from Kustom Kartoons are sure to be a hit! A unique addition to any collection.

Notice how the personalized cartoon is brought to the forefront and comes alive as it's magnified through the water.

Built from sturdy lucite, these snow globes are built to last forever. They perfectly adorn the mantles and bookshelves of any office or home and are great for the avid snow globe collector.

Measurements for the snow globes are: 4" high, 3-1/2" wide, and 2-1/2" deep.

Personalized Cartoon Key Chain

Key Chains

A gift that just needs some keys to make it complete!

Every day when that person reaches for the house keys or the car keys, their personalized cartoon key chain is there as a reminder that you're thinking about him or her.

The personalized cartoon is completely sealed inside a sturdy lucide case, and is built to last a lifetime. Everyone has a key chain.... why not make it fun and meaningful?

Great for stocking stuffers or simply as a gift to say "Thank You!" The perfect "anytime" gift.


Personalized Cartoon Magnet

Refrigerator Magnets

Great for stocking stuffers at Christmas, these refrigerator magnet personalized cartoons are much better than a pizza store magnet for showing off the kids' school papers and artwork.

Personalize one for each member of the household and turn an ordinary refrigerator into a beautiful showcase.

Also great for office filing cabinets where important papers need to be displayed.

Anywhere an ordinary magnet is used can now be replaced with a brilliant and colorful personalized cartoon magnet.

Made of sturdy lucite so it will last a lifetime.

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Personalized Cartoons – Unique Gifts
Unique personalized gifts including the cartoon-personalized mouse pad. Original personalized cartoons
for wedding, anniversary, corporate business, kid, teacher, Christmas. Template-based custom cartoon gift maker.